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Interview #3 : Penelope Ward

On the occasion of the release in France of “RoomHate” of Penelope Ward, I had the opportunity to ask her some questions. The pressure is a bit on my shoulders because my English is very basic, so I thank Stéphanie for encouraging me to this interview and especially thank you Penelope Ward for being willing to play the game for this first English appointment. I would also suggest translation at the same time.



Penelope Ward answers our questions :

[TRLON] First of all, Penelope, thank you for taking the time to answer my few questions. I hope you will have a good time with me (forgive me this is my first interview in English, but it seems that we must start with someone).


You and your entourage :

[TRLON] Your second book will come out in a few days in France, can you tell us a little more about you?

Penelope Ward : I am a married mother of two children living in Rhode Island, USA. My 12-year-old daughter is severely autistic, so that is a challenge every day. I also have a ten-year-old son.  I write to escape the stresses of daily life and to also give my readers an escape. I love that my books have found their way to wonderful readers in France!

[TRLON] Is Ward Penelope your true identity? Or are you a multi-faceted person, do you have another pen name?

Penelope Ward : Ward is my actual maiden last name. Penelope is a pen name. I do not have any other pen names. 🙂

[TRLON] What people in your entourage support you in your passion for writing?

Penelope Ward : My husband has taken on a lot more responsibilities around the house since I began writing. I couldn’t do this without him. He makes dinner every night for our family after a busy day at work.

[TRLON] Besides, what do they think of your passion? Have they read your writings?

Penelope Ward : My mother is conservative and hasn’t read any of my books except my first. Most of my family hasn’t read my books, actually. My husband likes to listen to them in audio, however, when we take long road trips.

[TRLON] Your children are still young, but when they are old, will you read your writings one day? Or is it not possible?

Penelope Ward : Well, my daughter likely won’t because of her autism, and I am not sure my son would be interested in my books when he’s older. But I would let them if they wanted to once they were over eighteen. 🙂


You and your passion :

[TRLON] Do you write everywhere or shut yourself up in a quiet place to write?

Penelope Ward : I write anywhere I can, yes! Time is precious and if given some quiet time, I will take advantage and use it for writing whether that’s writing in the car or anywhere I can find a spot. 🙂

[TRLON] Before you write, do you need to respect a ritual? Write with your favorite pen? Write with a music dear to your heart?

Penelope Ward : I make sure I have had a nice tall cup of coffee in the early afternoon before I start writing. All I need is quiet and my laptop. If the house is noisy, I put on headphones and listen to instrumental music to block out some of the noise.

[TRLON] When you work on your novels, do you have a plan? Do you write the plot and then the rest of the story or does it happen to you as you go?

Penelope Ward : I outline the story first, spend a lot of time thinking about it and daydreaming before I start writing. I like to have a map of where I am going.

[TRLON] Your inspiration where do you find it? In everyday life? Looking at television? Listening to the radio? Talking with friends? Tell me everything.

Penelope Ward : My inspiration really doesn’t come from real life. This is always the hardest question for me to answer. I truly feel as though my ideas just come from my imagination and it’s not clear who puts the ideas there! Maybe God? 🙂


You and your novels :

[TRLON] I just finished “RoomHate” your second novel published by Hugo&Cie. Have you planned a sequel? Personally I find it too short and I ask myself full of questions about your characters.

Penelope Ward : There is no sequel, no. It’s a standalone. I prefer to write new stories with new characters, rather than revisiting old ones again who have had their story completed. I write mostly standalones.

[TRLON] What can you tell us about “RoomHate” for those who do not know your story yet?

Penelope Ward : RoomHate is the story of two old friends who were no longer on speaking terms who inherit a house that they have to share. Something happened in their past to break them apart. Now, they are sharing a summer house. Justin (a musician) does not come alone and Amelia has to fight her feelings toward him. Justin also realizes he has strong feelings for Amelia and there is a lot of sexual tension. There is also a pretty big twist in the middle of the book that changes the course of the story.

[TRLON] Your next novel co-written with Vi Keeland “Cocky Bastard” will be released on March 2, 2017. You have already convinced me with your two previous novels and the choice of co-author, but if you had to persuade other people to To discover this new novel, what could you tell us about this book?

Penelope Ward : Cocky Bastard is a fun road trip book. A woman meets a sexy Australian at a rest stop on her trip, he joins her, and the rest is history.

[TRLON] I just discovered on amazon, that you would be published again at Hugo & Cie with “Stuck-Up Suit” in April. So I read the summary and I am now eagerly waiting to find out. Is it a text you wrote for a particular occasion or not at all?

Penelope Ward : Stuck-Sup Suit is my second co-written book with Vi Keeland. It’s a fun story about two opposites who meet when the sexy businessman leaves his phone on a train and Soraya, the main female character, picks it up.

[TRLON] Are the characters in your stories inspired by people you know?

Penelope Ward : Definitely not. They are purely from my imagination.



You and your projects : 

[TRLON] What are your future projects in the immediate future? Writing, holiday break?

Penelope Ward : I don’t take breaks from writing as it’s my full time job. So, I will keep creating new stories. I write two solo books per year and two co-written novels. I don’t really like to take a break from it since I love writing.

[TRLON] Is romance your favorite field or have you planned other genres for your new books?

Penelope Ward : I will only ever write romance. I can’t imagine writing anything else. 🙂

[TRLON] Do you have a book in the process of writing? If so, can you tell us more?

Penelope Ward : My next book is a second-chance romance about a single father and his quest to rekindle things with the one that got away. She happens to now be his son’s teacher. It’s called Mack Daddy and releases in the US this month. Then, I have another co-written book releasing in the US with Vi Keeland in April called Mister Moneybags.

[TRLON] Your new projects, do you write them directly on your pc or do you have a notebook in which you write your texts? And do you feel mentally close to your characters?

Penelope Ward : I write only on my PC and I definitely feel very close to my characters when I am writing, often experiencing a lot of the same emotions and sensations that they do.

[TRLON] When you have an idea for a new novel, do you talk about it with friends or you write and then you read to beta-readers?

Penelope Ward : Aside from Vi Keeland, no. I am a very private writer and typically, people don’t read my work until it’s completed.


You and your everyday life :  

[TRLON] Do you have other passions than writing?

Penelope Ward : No, writing is it. I love coffee and I love spending quality time with my family on weekends.

[TRLON] Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Penelope Ward : I see myself still writing, but maybe traveling a bit more in an RV (recreational vehicle), since I don’t fly.

[TRLON] If you were to describe yourself in three words? What would they be?

Penelope Ward : Sensitive, Creative and Loving.

[TRLON] Are you a fan of social networks? Facebook, twitter, instagram…

Penelope Ward : I am always on Facebook. I love social networking and it’s how I connect with my readers.

[TRLON] If your French publisher again organizes a New Romance Festival will you be part of this year?

Penelope Ward :I have a terrible fear of flying. It’s why I missed the Festival last year. It’s something I am not proud of and I wish I didn’t have that fear! It keeps me from traveling and meeting wonderful people around the world.


You with humor : 

[TRLON] Describe your own novels in three words !

Penelope Ward : Sexy, Angsty and Witty.

[TRLON] The song you hate the most in the world?

Penelope Ward : That’s tough! Maybe Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang.

[TRLON] Your top 5 sexy actors you love? And the same for models

Penelope Ward : Matt Bomer, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Charlie Hunnam, Liam Hemsworth

[TRLON] Kiss, Marry, Kill? Who would you choose for this little game?

Penelope Ward : From the group above? Kiss: Matt Bomer, Marry: Charlie Hunnam Kill: George Clooney

[TRLON] If you could choose 5 books to take to a desert island, what would those titles be?

Penelope Ward : Egomaniac by Vi Keeland, Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and On The Island by Tracy Garvis Graves.



Penelope last word :

Penelope Ward : Thank you so much for having me and I hope that all of my readers in France love Justin and Amelia’s sexy story set in a beach house in Rhode Island. I hope to bring you many more new books in the future! xo



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