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Interview #5 : Sarina Bowen

On the occasion of the release in France of « The Year we hid away » of Sarina Bowen, I had the opportunity to ask her some questions. Sarina being secret about her surroundings we have not addressed this subject and have directly attacked with the subject of her passion for writing. I would also suggest translation at the same time.



Sarina Bowen answers our questions :

[TRLON] First of all, Sarina, thank you for taking the time to answer my few questions. I hope you will have a good time with me.I am very curious so forgive me in advance for some questions.


You and your passion :

[TRLON] Do you write everywhere or shut yourself up in a quiet place to write?

Sarina Bowen : I am the kind of writer who needs silence. I don’t know how some people write in a cafe. Whenever I try that I find myself eavesdropping on conversations. J Silence is the only solution.

[TRLON] Before you write, do you need to respect a ritual? Write with your favorite pen? Write with a music dear to your heart?

Sarina Bowen : I have many favorite pens !Pentel’s Energel series are my current favorites. I also enjoy the B5 size Moleskine ruled notebooks.

[TRLON] When you work on your novels, do you have a plan? Do you write the plot and then the rest of the story or does it happen to you as you go?

Sarina Bowen : A lot of the writing takes place before I sit down at the keyboard. I plot out my stories as I’m driving the children to school. Then I scribble down my ideas to see if they still sound good. Then—finally—I’m ready to structure the scene.

[TRLON] Your inspiration where do you find it? In everyday life? Looking at television? Listening to the radio? Talking with friends? Tell me everything.

Sarina Bowen : I’ve been lucky to lead a big life. I’ve held many different jobs, from cafe waitress to Wall Street trader. I’ve lived in big cities and tiny towns. I’ve traveled to Europe, Asia and all over the US and Canada. Those varied experiences make it easier for me to find lots of characters to write about.


You and your novels :

[TRLON] I just finished “The Year we hid away” in French your second novel from the serie « The Ivy Years ». I ask myself full of questions about your characters. Have you planned another books for the serie or is it complete? Personally I find it’s to long to wait for the traduction of the third book.

Sarina Bowen : In English there are 5 Ivy Years novels and a novella. But after the Ivy Years comes a series called The Brooklyn Bruisers, which begins with Leo Trevi whom you will meet in Ivy Years #3. There are three of those !

And for readers who aren’t sure they can wait, I’ll have really good news very soon—a French publisher has picked up a different series of mine with plans to publish later this year !

[TRLON] What can you tell us about “The Year we hid away” for those who do not know your story yet?

Sarina Bowen : This is the story of two young people whose families have made their lives difficult. You met Bridger’s sister in Book 1. In this story, she’s his responsibility, and he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe. Meanwhile, he’s falling in love with a mysterious girl who calls herself Scarlet…

[TRLON] Your next series co-written with Elle Kennedy “Wags” has been out on January 31, 2017. You have already convinced me with your two previous novels and the choice of co-author, but if you had to persuade other people to discover this new novel, what could you tell us about this book?

Sarina Bowen : You will laugh yourself silly reading Good Boy. That’s the sort of book it is. 😀

[TRLON] I really wanted to discover your novels “Him and Us” was it planned that they be translated into French? If yes, when? It is long to wait. Is it a text you wrote for a particular occasion or not at all?

Sarina Bowen : Elle Kennedy suggested we write a book together after she read Ivy Years number three. (That book is also about two boys ! Did you know that ?) A publisher has purchased Him & Us for 2018 publication in French. I wish it were happening sooner !

[TRLON] Are the characters in your stories inspired by people you know?

Sarina Bowen : No. Not really. I would find that too limiting as I composed the story. But I spend a lot of time reading about athletes so that I can better imagine their daily challenges. If I have hockey player voices in my head it’s easier to create characters which feel real on the page.


You and your projects : 

[TRLON] What are your future projects in the immediate future? Writing, holiday break?

Sarina Bowen : I am just finishing up another book with Elle Kennedy, and adding to my True North series.

[TRLON] Is romance your favorite field or have you planned other genres for your new books?

Sarina Bowen : I would also like to write for young adults (teenagers.)

[TRLON] Do you have a book in the process of writing? If so, can you tell us more?

Sarina Bowen : After Good Boy with Elle Kennedy comes Stay, and we’re finishing that one now. I’m also working on a book in my True North series, which will appear in French within the year.

[TRLON] Your new projects, do you write them directly on your pc or do you have a notebook in which you write your texts? And do you feel mentally close to your characters?

Sarina Bowen : I sketch out scenes in my notebook and then type them up. At the beginning of a book it’s hard to feel close to a character. It always takes me a few chapters until I feel comfortable with them.

[TRLON] When you have an idea for a new novel, do you talk about it with friends or you write and then you read to beta-readers?

Sarina Bowen : I have learned that talking about a book doesn’t help. I just have to start writing and see where it takes me.


You and your everyday life :  

[TRLON] Do you have other passions than writing?

Sarina Bowen : It’s winter now, so I ski and skate with my sons and husband.

[TRLON] Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Sarina Bowen : I…really have no idea ! Am I supposed to know ? Oh dear.

[TRLON] If you were to describe yourself in three words? What would they be?

Sarina Bowen : Ambitious. Irreverent. Overworked.

[TRLON] Are you a fan of social networks? Facebook, twitter, instagram…

Sarina Bowen : Yes and no. Sometimes it’s hard to shut off Facebook and get back to writing. Instagram is fun, though ! You can find me on Instagram @sarina.bowen.



You with humor : 

[TRLON] Describe your own novels in three words !

Sarina Bowen : Passionate. Funny. Wise.


[TRLON] Your favorite sexy athletes. [I CHANGED THIS QUESTION !]

Sarina Bowen : In American football, everyone loves JJ Watt, me included. And I adore John Urschel because he’s very smart as well as adorable. In hockey Patrice Bergeron is cute as well as generous with his community. How sexy is that ?And Andrew Ference is a cutie who also supports Pride Tape, a movement to stop homophobia in the NHL.


Sarina last word :

Sarina Bowen : Thank you so much for inviting me to talk ! It’s been so exciting to bring my books to the French language market, and meeting new readers !


 The author specifies for all purposes:

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Sarina readers can write to here to the following address: sarina.bowen@yahoo.com

We invite you to follow her on Facebook: See her page

Follow her on instagram : Here

Or on his personal blog: www.sarinabowen.com/franceetcanada


Author Publications in France :


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